SONO (Supporters Of Newport Orchestra) is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, organized by parents of music students to support Newport’s orchestra program. Through SONO, parents assist in the organization of concert logistics, field trips, festivals, and retreats. SONO also managers fundraisers such as Knights in Vienna and Ballet Knights, which help provide for the purchase of new instruments, music, coaching, and scholarships.

SONO accomplishes this by:

  • Supporting the orchestra and director through fundraisers and volunteer participation
  • Enhancing the orchestra program by providing sectional and chamber music coaching, assisting in the organization of concerts, retreats, and supplemental education opportunities and performances
  • Communicating through SONO web site, the school newsletter and email correspondence

SONO Board Members 2023-2024

  • President: Kathy Ge
  • Vice President: Jian Zhan
  • Secretary: Shirley Chen
  • Treasurer: Chong Ga
  • Event Coordinator: TBD
  • Webmaster: Wendy Zhang
  • Photographer: Steven Lai
  • Fundraising Chair: TBD
  • Member at Large: TBD