Performance expectations:

  • Be on time.  Attendance will be taken at the “call time.”  Lateness will lower your grade.
  • Bring your own instrument (including rock stops) and music. Do not depend on using a school instrument or your stand partner’s music. Missing items will reduce your grade.
  • Be dressed in the appropriate performance attire.  Being out of “dress code” will result in a lower performance grade. You may be excluded from the performance and given an unexcused absence if attire is inappropriate.
  • When not performing, remain in the auditorium and listen respectfully at all times (including no use of electronics).
  • Everyone stays on site until all personal and school equipment is taken care of properly.

Concert Attire:

Women – All black clothing, including shoes (no sandals or flip flops).  Dressy pants, or knee length (or longer) dresses with black hose or black tights; (no bare legs). Shoulders covered. Chamber Orchestra will wear Chamber Gowns; may be checked out at NHS.

Men – Black shoes, black socks, and black pants. 

  • Chamber Orchestra: Full tuxedo for the guys (jacket, pants, white shirt, bow tie); may be checked out at NHS.
  • Sinfonia: black button-down dress shirt and black jacket
  • Newport Strings: black button-down dress shirt and long solid red necktie. Ties must be tied properly. Black shirts and neckties will need to be purchased on your own. (See Mr. Blough for assistance if necessary.)

Everyone – No tennis shoes, black jeans or stretch pants EVER. Concerts are for formal attire. Remember: It’s always better to be a bit “over-dressed” than “under-dressed.”