Honors Orchestra

Honor’s Project Proposal Application Form

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior orchestra students at Newport High School can enroll in Honors Orchestra. This means that both Sinfonia and Chamber Orchestra students are eligible. All auditions must happen in the first two weeks of the school year!

Requirements. Honors Orchestra is a demanding but rewarding program. Students remain in their regular orchestra class (either Sinfonia or Chamber Orchestra) and these classes run as they always have. Honors students sit alongside non-Honors students and do the same activities, tests, and musical repertoire. However, Honors students have additional obligations that need to happen outside the regular class day. The honors requirements, each of which will be graded separately, include the following:
Complete an audition CD for the All-Northwest or All State ensembles.

Perform in a chamber ensemble at the Eastshore Solo/Ensemble Festival in February. Although Mrs. Gero can assist students with repertoire selection and some musical coaching, this honors chamber ensemble is to be largely self-directed, meaning that students set their own rehearsal schedule, rehearse each other, etc.

Receive a “B” or higher on the district Music History Assessment.

Receive a “B” or higher on an Honors Music Theory Assessment.

Complete a final project to present publicly. The topic for this project is worked out in discussions with Mrs. Gero.

Each Honors requirement receives a grade and these scores are added to the regular orchestra assignments to determine the overall grade. Failing the “extra” honors requirements means a lower grade in orchestra.

No-drop policy. Once a student is enrolled in Honors Orchestra, they cannot drop the class and return to “regular” orchestra. It is treated just like any other honors or AP course—once you’re in, you stay in.